Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.I only need childcare for one or two days; is that possible?

A: Absolutely! Riverglend Childcare Center is proud to be here for your child during the time frame that works for you, whether that be one day a week or five!

Q2.Do you accept Idaho Child Care Assistance (ICCP)?

A: Yes! We are committed to making quality childcare accessible and are happy toaccept ICCP.

Q 3 Where are you located?

A: Our facility is located at 5890 Gary Lane, Boise, ID 83714. Click the map blow to get the direction

Q 4 What are your hours of operation?

A: Riverglend is open Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

Q 5 What pre-school services do you offer?

A: Riverglend Childcare Center provides pre-school services designed around your
child's development. Our teachers, experienced mothers themselves, lead the
children in activities centered around social, art, math, and language skills.

Q6 Do you have any openings for pre -school?

A: Yes! We are happly accepting applications for pre-school students. Simply fill out

an Enrollment Application to get your child started!

Q7: Is there a waitlist for enrolling my child? How do I sign up?

A: Depending on availability, you may need to sign up through our waitlist. Doing so
is free of charge and helps ensure your child a spot at Riverglend.

Q8:Can you tell me more about the set-up of your facility and What kind of?resources and equipment do you have for providing care to my child?

A: Riverglen Childcare Center is a fenced campus with a playground and a yard, so
your child can grow and play outside safely! Inside the facility are three
classrooms, each tailored to exploring your child's skills and fulfilling their needs.
One room features school desks and benches where kids can sit to read, learn, or
participate in arts and crafts. At Riverglend Childcare Center, we believe in giving
children opportunities for developing skills and experience with technology as
well as access to educational resources, so we also provide a classroom equipped
with computers, where your child can learn and explore under the supervision of
our teachers. We even assist your child with homework so that you can have a
relaxing evening together! Our third room is dedicated to infant care and naptime
to maintain a pleasant, peaceful space, and each classroom comes equipped with
a white board and a Smartboard so learning can happen in all environments!

Q8:What services do you provide?

A: Riverglend is proud to offer an environment that will serve as a home away from

home for your children. Here, not only are children watched over, they thrive,
learn, and grow as our friendly teachers guide them in activities and they explore
opportunities to read, write, draw, and dance in a diverse social environment! We
offer pre-school as well as transportation that can take your child to Willow Creek
Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, Anser Charter, Koelsch Elementary,
and Vineyard Christian Academy. Don't see your school listed? Let us know and
we might be able to add it to our list! At Riverglend Childcare Center, we provide
an environment where children can be themselves and are cared for like family!

Q9:Are your employees CPR and First Aid certified?

A: Of course! Every member of our staff is CPR and First Aid certified to guarantee
the safety of the children.

Q10:How do I apply for enrollment?

A: Enrollment is as simple as downloading the Enrollment Application form on our
website, filling it out, and returning it to us by email, mail, or in person at the